Ever since I can remember, I’ve been attempting to create beautiful things.


It’s an obsession really, making things beautiful and/or capturing them on camera. My husband often shakes his head, wondering why we can’t purchase or make something simpler, less expensive, less delicate. But I can’t help it! Coordinating outfits with my daughter, decorating my home, setting up a photo session in the perfect light, choosing items for my store…all of it is a labor of art and joy.

Of course, real life often hits and my daughter, Juniper, wears whatever isn’t in the wash that day…and that’s ok too. But even those moments, the ones that are messy and uncoordinated, those moments can still be beautiful. It’s all about perspective.

More than creating beautiful things, I’m passionate about being a wife and mom. Dirty laundry, tantrums, mud and all I LOVE my family. And I love that my job allows me to be home with them the majority of the time.

While I have added a blogging and online boutique element to my brand, I am first and foremost a photographer. If you’re looking for posed, studio images, I’m probably not the girl for you. But if you love beautiful scenery, natural, unposed images, laughter, and golden hour light…well then we need to get to know each other.

Building a relationship with my clients is part of what makes my job so amazing. I participate as much as I can in the planning process (wardrobe, location, time of day, wrangling cranky kids or spouse), do what I can to make your photo session as smooth as possible, and then work with you to make sure your images make it from the computer to paper so that you have a tangible reminder of how beautiful your life is.

Are you ready to make magic and celebrate you and your life and family? I’d love to meet with you for a complimentary consult over coffee to make sure we are a good fit moving forward, or at the very least, chat on the phone. You can contact me here.


A quick look at my family’s 2018 photo session with alyssa lillegard photography