Photo Credit: Alyssa Lillegard Photography

Photo Credit: Alyssa Lillegard Photography

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I'm in love with motherhood. Every sleepless second of it. My baby girl is a year old now and being a mom gets better every day and with each new development. I've been married 6 years to the kind of man I never thought I'd love but who wrecked my world and asked me to build a new one at his side. I can't imagine loving him more.

Am I allowed to talk here about my love affair with coffee? Because that obsession falls slightly beneath that of my husband. Just kidding...kind of. I've used the word "love" a lot in the last two paragraphs but that's sort of who I am - either all in, all out, or spreading myself across WAY too many commitments. 

Motherhood is teaching me every day about my need to step off the hamster wheel and instead be present, which is why I'm only shooting 6 months out of the year in 2018. Writing helps me process, live in the moment, and connect with other people. Juniper Tree isn't just a website for clients, it's also an outlet for an art I've not truly exercised in years. I'm shooting and writing as I feel led, which is therapeutic for me and hopefully encouraging for you.

Something else you should know about me is that I love Jesus. Right now, this love is looking a little ragged, worn, and confused (think kitten that's been ruffed up and shellshocked by toddlers), but I choose to believe that God is here and He is with me, whether I'm cussing underneath my breath in traffic (wait, did she say cuss??) or sweetly sipping coffee as I underline my favorite Scripture verse. 

Authenticity is a journey. I've put enough effort into shined up instagram posts and am ready to practice being REAL online as well as in person. I hope you'll practice being real with me and that you'll reach out to share your story as we go along. Fill out the message box for photography inquiries or to send me a note! I always read my mail and usually respond within the week. <3