2018 Prices and Q&A


2018 brings many changes down the pipe for Juniper Tree (Formerly Chez Photography). And with that comes a change in price, how I run the sessions, and what I put on my blog/website. Here are some anticipated questions, answered for you in advance!

Q: Why are your prices so much higher this year? And why don't I see discounts for returning clients?

A: Charging for sessions has always been a difficult thing for me as I would happily GIVE away my sessions to everyone if I could. But I am quickly running towards burnout and making a very, very small amount of money by the time I've paid all of my expenses, upgraded my equipment, taken educational classes, etc, etc. The new numbers reflect what I need to charge in order to make Juniper Tree something viable. I realize it bumps my sessions out of some people's price ranges. If this is the case for you, I'm happy to help you track down another local photographer that fits your needs. I am simply unable to operate any longer under previous session costs.

Q: Do I get more photos with the increased cost? 

A: My session packages are essentially the same, but with a more relaxed time frame and more involvement on my part as we plan your perfect session.

Q: Are you still shooting weddings?

A: Yes! I have yet to come out with a new price/package list, but I will be taking a limited number of weddings for 2018.

Q: Do you shoot outside of Grays Harbor?

A: Absolutely! Family sessions, weddings, engagements, you name it, I'll do it. Travel costs vary upon location, but I've travelled north of Seattle, over the mountains, and to the coast for my sessions. For the right wedding, I'm also willing to travel out of state.

Q: Are digital copies still included in your packages?

A: Yes. Nearly all my clientele prefer having the digital copies of their photos. I also offer high quality prints, albums, and other photo products through my professional print lab. This is a topic we will cover in preparation for your photography session as we figure out what is best for you and your family.

Have any other questions for me? Shoot me a message or ask them in the comments!