Why Does Photography Cost So Much?


It's hard to justify paying someone hundreds of dollars for a one-hour portrait session. Especially when LITERALLY everyone and their mother has a DSLR or a fancy camera phone anymore.

I hear you babe. Why should you save and budget when you can ask Uncle Larry to take your photos?

Let me tell you! You are paying for so much more than that one hour of photography. 

Take a look at the before and after images below:


What you may or may not notice between these two images is a removal of distractions and blemishes or bruises, color retouching and brightening, and a darkening of the background to draw the eye to the subject. One photo took all of those steps - each one something learned over years of learning and experimenting. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here is what you pay for in a session...

You are paying for experience - years of practice and education, learning to shoot in manual, edit in photoshop, and communicate with clients for proper posing and wardrobe.

You are paying for high-quality equipment and editing software used to capture the most precious of memories.

You are paying for an artist - someone who captures you in the best way possible. Someone who can snap those beautiful moments you want to bottle and save for the rest of your life. Each photographer eye is unique and brings something different to the table.

You are paying for posing knowledge, preparation, consulting, editing, and packaging.

You are paying a business-person who needs to pay bills and has carefully calculated how much it will cost him or her to stay in business and be available to capture your memories 1, 5, and 10 years from now.

It's your valuable time and money going into your session as well, so it's important to know that you've chosen a photographer you'll love and appreciate and feel confident she's worth every penny. And hopefully it will be the start of a relationship that lasts for many years to come!

Have questions about photography or a portrait session? Leave a comment and I'll write up a post answering your questions!