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Local Ideas for Shopping Small this Season

Black Friday rolls around and BAM! Our brains switch into Christmas shopping and holiday mode. I don’t know about you, but my go-to is usually Amazon for finding great deals and shopping on the fly. I can be forgetful about the many wonderful and local small businesses that exist online and in shops all over the county! So to help you (and me!) out this holiday season, here are some of my favorite local shopping and gift suggestions (and if you have any to add, please message me!!) :

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5 Things to Evaluate Before Starting Your Business

I’ve spoken a lot about side hustles and owning a small business lately. Coming up on 5 years of being in business, I’ve made many mistakes and I love the thought of helping other female entrepreneurs avoid those same pitfalls. The adjustments I made to my business this year more than doubled my income from last season and I wish I would have made these changes sooner!

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