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Piper Backholm: Life and Mamahood with T1D

Type 1 Diabetes is not something you hear about often. We tend to associate it with needles, but don't understand that it also contributes to hormone issues, overall health and thyroid problems, and high-risk pregnancies. Piper Backholm is a young mom with a beautiful 1-year-old daughter named Opal. Diagnosed when she was 4 years old, Piper has been battling T1D for most of her life. 

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Mom Meets Entrepreneur: The Story Behind Pure and Coco

Rene Bartosh is wife, mama, business owner, entrepreneur, and coconut-oil-magician! We've bumped into each other as business owners in the past (and also because her sugar-scrub is da-bomb). Recently, we met up and between both of our one-year olds squealing and using us like jungle gyms, I was able to pick her brain about running a home-business with two kids.

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