Showers Bring Flowers: Growing Well with Dusty Hegge

Photo By Asia Dore Photography

Photo By Asia Dore Photography

I met Dusty Hegge briefly at an Oly Girlboss meeting in Olympia WA. She had a contagious energy when it came to talking about plants and their care - which is fascinating to me since I tend to kill most of my houseplants. Her online platforms honor her love for God, plants, her family, battle with anxiety, and also her hopes and dreams for projects such as Revive Nursery and even a book titled, “Becoming Planty”. Some of these projects have been put on hold, but Dusty is a dreamer and a doer and I love hearing about all she is learning and accomplishing.

Dusty is a houseplant educator, podcast host, and business strategist. “I can’t help but see the incredible parallels between plant growth and the way God brings us through seasons in our lives and businesses. My goal is to equip people with the tools they need to navigate those seasons WELL and learn to appreciate the growth process along the way in houseplant care, and personal and business growth,” says Dusty. Her life is spent with hair in a scrunchy, coffee in hand, and being a wife and mother to her family.

Dusty started her Grow Well Podcast around 6 months ago and already has achieved 10K downloads! “It was the best way I could think to combine my three passions into one place and bring every listener so much value. It’s a space for honest conversations about growth and it’s constantly evolving to better align with my vision for business. Every week I share actionable houseplant care tips and lessons I’m learning about growth. I also plan on bringing more topics on business growth to the show as well,” explains Dusty.

Photo by Asia Dore Photography

Photo by Asia Dore Photography

Dusty used to operate under the social media title, “Revive Nursery”. She recently swapped out this title for her own name. “Someday I dream of opening up a brick and mortar houseplant shop - it’s a long term but fluid goal. I share my reasons for this (very hard!) change in episode 015 of the Grow Well Podcast as I review what I lovingly refer to as My Year of Failure. God has taught me so much in this hard season and I would be remiss if I didn’t share the lessons learned and even the hard, vulnerable parts with all of you! That’s what growing well is all about,” insists Dusty. “I have seen first hand how houseplants can bring people together, inspire true self-care, and have a deeper appreciation of the growth process. It’s just so beautiful! For this reason I have created an online houseplant course called, “Get Planty: Houseplant Foundations”. My prayer for this course is that I can still build a community around the incredible gift of plants, serve my people well, and have an opportunity to gush about my love of plants all in one beautiful, online space.”

Dusty’s goal for every student in her Get Planty Course - and even for her podcast listeners - is that they see God has designed them to be worth the effort it takes to grow well. Growth  takes effort and rarely happens the way we plan it. Dusty continues, “We can do all we can to facilitate good, strong, healthy growth, but at the end of the day we are not the creator. We have little control over the growth in our lives, businesses, and even our houseplants. Our efforts are not wasted but our mindset must be one of patience, curiosity, and realistic expectations. Often the hardest growth happens in the hard and slow seasons and in the exhausting heart-work of pursuing growing WELL.”

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A few months back, Dusty was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. It didn’t come as a surprise - she had suspected it, but figured she was just making too big of a deal out of the issue. After a long season of feeling trapped in it, she drummed up enough bravery to go see a doctor. “I felt stuck and deeply scared. And honestly I still feel some of those feelings. I hated it but didn’t realize how much I hated it until after seeing my Doctor,” says Dusty. The fix took some time and is still something she is walking through. But vitamins, therapy, a gratitude journal and some honesty with herself and her husband is helping to bring healing to Dusty’s life. Depression runs deep her her family, for both the men and women. “I don’t want my daughters to fight this and it starts with me allowing myself to heal, intentionally pursuing GOOD growth, prioritizing fun, and walking through the process of healing from a mental illness,” she insists.

Navigating through anxiety and depression, business and family became overwhelming for Dusty. On the other side of her diagnosis, Dusty is learning the power found in self control and slower growth. “There will be seasons of booming growth,” says Dusty. “But for me in this season, slow growth is healthiest for my family and I and I am finally ok with that.” Battling the common view of success is something Dusty is setting aside. Instead, she’s focusing on being intentional, breathing, and appreciating the growth process. It’s not glamorous and it’s taking time for her to be ok with it, but Dusty says she is truly grateful for her “year of failure” and even her battle with anxiety and depression. “I see hope. I no longer feel trapped. I am deeply loved and deeply blessed.”

Photo by Asia Dore

Photo by Asia Dore

Plant love goes back generations for Dusty’s family. The love goes back to her great grandma and Dusty is sure the tradition goes back even farther. “For me, I can’t help but see God’s beauty, majesty, power, and love through nature. He has spoiled us with beauty when he had no obligation to. It’s personal, inspiring, and such a gift!” exclaims Dusty. This love of plants inspired Dusty to write a book, which after evaluating her “year of failure”, Dusty has put on hold. After countless hours and funds, it was a difficult thing for her to set aside. “The decision has given me the space to heal, rest, and grow. Obeying God is never easy and this decision was purely out of obedience and not a desire to quit,” explains Dusty, who intends to pick up the project again when the time is right. “It could be a year, it could be 15...maybe never. No matter what, I’m going to keep doing my best to trust the growth process and that my efforts have not been wasted.”

Dusty utilized some of the amazing plant content in her online Get Planty course, making it more affordable and accessible to her followers. “I’m so excited for how I am embodying and implementing my vision for this business - even though it looks so different now than it did a year ago.”

For us plant-challenged individuals (raising my hand here), Dusty has a free houseplant quiz on her website! Since growing plants indoors is dependent on the environment it will live in, the quiz helps determine which plants might work best in your own home, skill level, and preferences. “It’s not a magic quiz,” says Dusty, “but it has helped over 1.2k people get started in growing their houseplant collection!” You can take this quiz at

Thank you, Dusty, for your insight on growing well! You can check out more of Dusty’s encouraging words or purchase her houseplant course via the following links:

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