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Showers Bring Flowers: Growing Well with Dusty Hegge

Dusty used to operate under the social media title, “Revive Nursery”. She recently swapped out this title for her own name. “Someday I dream of opening up a brick and mortar houseplant shop - it’s a long term but fluid goal. I share my reasons for this (very hard!) change in episode 015 of the Grow Well Podcast as I review what I lovingly refer to as My Year of Failure. God has taught me so much in this hard season and I would be remiss if I didn’t share the lessons learned and even the hard, vulnerable parts with all of you! That’s what growing well is all about,” insists Dusty. “I have seen first hand how houseplants can bring people together, inspire true self-care, and have a deeper appreciation of the growth process. It’s just so beautiful! For this reason I have created an online houseplant course called, “Get Planty: Houseplant Foundations”. My prayer for this course is that I can still build a community around the incredible gift of plants, serve my people well, and have an opportunity to gush about my love of plants all in one beautiful, online space.”

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