Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe: 5 Tips and Tricks

Don’t worry, I’m not going all Marie Kondo on you. Ok…maybe just a little. But I promise these tips will greatly simplify the stress of your wardrobe!

With just about every aspect of my home, if I hit the point of frustration and stress and overwhelm with my belongings, it doesn’t mean I need to organize. It simply means I’m hanging on to too much stuff. This balance looks different for every human - some are true minimalists, others are cozy, and still others feel most at peace in a home full of objects that make them happy. To each their own! However, if you find yourself stressed, frustrated, unsure of what to wear, or just plain overwhelmed by your wardrobe, it probably means you own too many clothes. Or at least too many clothes that don’t work for you. So here are the things I do to help manage and curate a fresh, low-stress wardrobe…

1) I go through my wardrobe seasonally.

Every season (and sometimes halfway through), I go through my wardrobe to organize, get rid of, and take inventory. The timing of it helps me know what staples I am missing in my closet and whether or not I have more items than I thought or if I just have a bunch of clothes that no longer fit or are damaged. It allows me to make a list of items I need/want for the season and take inventory of the colors and patterns already in my closet.

2) I ask myself questions about the clothing.

Does this fit? Do I like this item? Am I hanging onto this for purely sentimental reasons? Is this damaged or unwearable? How long has it been since I wore this item? Do I feel beautiful wearing it or does it have a specific purpose? Every season I try to be ruthless. If I haven’t worn it in a year, I get rid of it. If it’s damaged to the point that I don’t wear it anymore, I get rid of it. Will I be likely to wear this next season? If not, it’s gone. It’s not wasteful, it’s just getting rid of the clothing that you already aren’t wearing and is taking up precious space and emotional energy. Give it away, sell it, donate it. Just quit letting it stress you out.


3) I try to be intentional about what I buy.

I would rather own fewer things that I LOVE than a ton of options I’m not crazy about. When people come into my store, I try really really hard not to convince them to buy stuff they don’t really want. When people buy clothes off the Juniper Tree rack, I want them to adore their purchases and feel confident and beautiful wearing it. If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no. It helps eliminate waste in your closet, helps you fall in love with your wardrobe, and makes you excited to get dressed in the morning!

4) I think about the colors in my closet and shop accordingly.

Sometimes it’s worth it to buy that statement piece that’s TOTALLY different than anything else in your closet. But for the most part, it’s better to know that you can walk into your wardrobe and be able to mix and match the majority of your clothing. I keep a soft color palette in my closet, with lots of pinks and blues and camisoles and sweaters/kimonos for layering. Ask yourself what colors are your favorite to wear and/or look best on you, then focus your closet on a color palette you can mix and match.

5) Hang up the majority of your clothing.

If your clothes are hanging up, they are less likely to get tossed in an unmanageable pile of fabric on the shelves or in the drawers. It helps you see what’s clean and washed at a glance, helps you coordinate outfits, and reminds you of what you own. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cleaned out my closet to find a shirt I love buried underneath all the other clothes I never wear. If it’s hanging up, that’s a far less likely event.

Do you have any tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe or shopping for the perfect closet?? Comment below or shoot me an email! chelsea@junipertreephotography.com